Brobible’s review of our Art of Travel

Brobible’s review of our Art of Travel

It’s crunch time, you procrastinated so long that we’re only hours until Father’s Day and you got the man who brought you into this world nada. It’s not too late. Your pops loves to travel and his current suitcase is so old and beat up that it looks like it could have been the same luggage that Amelia Mary Earhart used in her solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. You need to upgrade your dad’s luggage to baggage from this century.

Get your dad this Traveler’s Choice smart luggage. Many smart luggage companies sell smart products that are banned by the Federal Aviation Administration and/or airlines. Traveler’s Choice offers FAA and airline compliant smart luggage that comes with their patented iTRAVEL built-in USB port and powerbank pouch. You use your own powerbank, thus it is not built into the luggage. You can take the powerbank out of the luggage, which means it passes strict flight safety guidelines that prohibit non-removable lithium batteries because they are a fire risk. Just pop out the powerbank before checking in your luggage, then take it with you on your carry-on.


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It’s Not Too Late To Get Dad (Or Yourself) FAA-Approved Smart Luggage For Father’s Day

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