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      Product Description

      Traveler's Choice's Battery-Free Weight Scale takes worries away on overweight baggage fees. With a slim portable battery free design, it is the perfect tool to weigh all bags anywhere.

      • Battery-free self-powered design with 1.2 inch quick response LCD display
      • Twist once to kinetically charge the scale instantly
      • One-touch power on with automatic shut-off feature
      • Quick and accurately weigh everything from groceries to luggage
      • Equally adept at calculating postage with built-in Tare button
      • Unit button to quickly switch between pounds and kilogram
      • Weights up to 77lbs in 0.1lb increments (35Kg/0.05Kg)
      • Avoid overweight luggage charges at airports with instant and accurate results
      • Convenient built-in strap
      • Ergonomic and compact design naturally fits in the palm of your hand