Continue to Fly High-Tech: Traveler’s Choice is the Smart Luggage That Remains FAA and Airline Compliant

, Continue to Fly High-Tech: Traveler’s Choice is the Smart Luggage That Remains FAA and Airline Compliant

Traveler’s Choice Rolls Out an Intuitive Smart Luggage Design that is Exempt from Recent Airline Restrictions

LOS ANGELES – May 24, 2018 – (

After airlines recently banned various smart luggage, leading travelware brand Traveler’s Choice offers up some refreshing FAA and airline compliant smart luggage options. Featuring its patented iTRAVEL™ Built-in USB Port & Powerbank Pouch, the Smart Luggage Collection by Traveler’s Choice introduces a removable EZ-Charge system that allows individuals to keep their devices conveniently charged, while still upholding the strictest flight safety standards.

Earlier this year, several major U.S. airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Alaska Airlines, placed bans on certain smart luggage brands containing non-removable lithium batteries. The restriction was born out of concern that the lithium-ion batteries present in several smart luggage brands may pose an in-flight fire risk. Traveler’s Choice is among the select smart luggage collections to be exempt from the ban, due to its intuitive design, which allows easy removal of the power bank.

“At Traveler’s Choice, quality and design have always been our primary focus,” says Roger Yang, CEO of Traveler’s Choice. “Our smart luggage empowers the modern jetsetter with a patented iTRAVEL Built-in USB Port & Powerbank Pouch that allows you to embed virtually any power bank within our luggage’s streamlined design. And, just as easily, you can remove the power bank before checking luggage, so you are always within the proper safety standards.”

However, the Smart Luggage Collection from Traveler’s Choice is offering more than just high-tech convenience. Available in three different hard-shell finishes, and in both checked and carry-on sizes, the collection offers a variety of intelligent design features that expand beyond the power bank, including a built-in TSA compliant lock, 360-degree spinner wheels, and a fully-lined clamshell structure that maximizes packing space and organization.

“At the core, our mission is to make your travel experience as stress-free as possible,” says Yang. “While part of that is offering high-quality luggage that is reliable, comfortable, and functional, another large part of the equation is ensuring our products are always up-to-date in terms of safety and airline compliancy.”

As the innovation continues, Traveler’s Choice is currently developing its next generation of smart luggage with plans to launch later this year.

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About Traveler’s Choice:

Living up to its name, Traveler’s Choice has maintained its rank as a top supplier of quality luggage and travel goods for more than 30 million happy travelers around the world. Based in Los Angeles with additional locations in Shanghai, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the premium travelware company acts as both manufacturer and distributor of a diverse selection of award-winning luggage, backpacks, duffels, garment bags, and travel accessories. From innovative smart luggage to carry-ons with a fully customizable design, Traveler’s Choice introduces high-quality travelware brands made to suit any lifestyle and every destination. Traveler’s Choice brands include Prokas Ultimax Luggage Collection, U.S. Traveler, Beverly Hills Country Club, Travel Select, Pacific Gear, and its signature Traveler’s Choice collection.

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