FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use or reset combination lock?

Please visit Combination Lock Instruction below

How long does it take to receive my order?

We usually ship within 48 hours and it takes about 1-5 business days (from Southern California) to deliver to you. Please see more information below

Custom Printed Luggage Order
It takes approximately 7 to 10 days for proofing, printing, and installation. Additionally 1-5 business days for delivery.

How do you measure luggage size?

All our luggage is measured from the ground up including the wheels to meet FAA and airlines size regulationss

What are the airline carry on sizes?

Carry-on size varies by airlines. Please contact with your carrier for the latest updates or visit their web site

What is the maximum allowed check-in size?

Maximum check-in size allowed is 62 total linear inches = Length + Width + Depth of the luggage including wheels and handle. Please see the list below for luggage with 62 Linear Inches

How can I buy from overseas?

We currently do not ship to international destinations. Please find a U.S. freight forwarder who will re-route the shipment to you and take care of import duty fees and tariff charges if applicable for you. Shipping to your freight forwarder in the continental 48 states is free.

Our system cannot accept international credit cards. Please choose PayPal as a payment method.

What are the different types of luggage & travelware?

Uprights/Rolling Suitcases
Newer-styled suitcases, which are configured to stand vertically. They are much easier to pull through an airport, because of their retractable handles and wheels Sizes vary from18″ to 30″ tall. Rolling uprights are available in a wide range of materials. Many are expandable and a variety of addtional features may be available, such as pockets, pouches, etc.

Carry-ons are small suitcases, sometimes called “underseaters” because they are designed to fit underneath the seat on a plane. Carry-ons vary in size, but generally do not exceed 22″ and are designed for short trips. Many feature inside and outside pockets, more than one packing compartment, and shoulder straps or handles.

Totes and Casual Bags
Totes are casual, all-purpose bags which are smaller than carry-ons and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some totes are designed for travel and match a full line of luggage. The simplest totes look like open-top shopping bags made of fabric or leather. Other totes might feature zippered, waterproof pockets, expandable bottoms, and shoulder straps.

Garment Bags and Garment Carriers
The basic idea of a garment bag is to permit travelers to pack their clothes on hangers. Garment bags are designed to hold two to four garments. Garment carriers are portable “closets” on hangers. Garment bags range in length from 40″ for men’s suits to 54″ for women’s dresses, and many can expand to 60″ for evening clothes.

Toiletry/Utility Kits
Available in a variety of sizes ranging from small cases for handbags to large traveling cases; they are made of leather, vinyl, or fabric with coated, water-repellant linings, and have zipper or snap closures. These kits are mostly used to carry toiletry and or cosmetic items

How do I care for my luggage?

Polyester is a durable and resilient fabric. It has excellent abrasion resistance. For best results, clean the surface with mild soap and water and a soft rag. Do not saturate the fabric. For best results, clean the entire panel, not just the soiled area. After your fabric has been cleaned, spray it with Scotchgard™ to restore its water, dirt and stain-resistant properties. Do not use these cleaners on leather trim.

Ballistic Nylon
Ballistic nylon is treated with Teflon™ to repel water, dirt and stains, which makes cleaning your luggage easy. Clean with mild soap and water and a nylon-bristled brush. Do not saturate the fabric. For best results, clean the entire panel, not just the soiled area. Foaming upholstery cleaners made for wool-nylon blend fabrics also work well. After your fabric has been cleaned, spray it with Scotchgard™ to restore its water, dirt and stain-resistant properties. Do not use these cleaners on leather trim.

Avoid oiling locks or hinges, since oil may leak in and stain case linings or clothing. If hardware should become scratched, rub lightly with fine steel wool and re-seal with lacquer or clear nail polish

The cleaning products mentioned are available at leading grocery and chain stores nationwide. As always, when using any commercial cleaning product, follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully

How do I clean my luggage?

General cleaning:
-Use damp soft microfiber cloth to remove dirt.

Removing Adhesive backed Labels:
-Isopropyl Alcohol, Naphtha VM&P grade or Kerosene will help lift stickers and adhesives.

Compatible Cleaners:
• Top Job, Joy® • Palmolive Liquid® • Windex® Ammonia free

What is California Proposition 65?

California Proposition 65:
The state of California requires the following warning to be on certain products sold within California.


Traveler’s Choice Travelware prides itself on providing the highest quality travelware products for our consumer. We ensure highly durable quality, reliability & consumer safety of our products. California has listed over 800 chemicals that may cause cancer or reproductive harm, including products made of fabric, leather, vinyl, foam, synthetics, non-woven fabrics, etc. Some of these materials are used in our products as well as virtually every other luggage manufacturer’s products sold in the USA. Additionally, no other state in the USA requires any such warning labels. Traveler’s Choice believes the products it represents are in full compliance with state and federal laws.
For more information on Proposition 65 please visit: http://oehha.ca.gov/prop65/p65faq.html

What is the number for customer service?

You can reach our customer service at 1-800-237-0387