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Maxporter II 31″ Checked Polycarbonate Trunk Spinner with Anti-Theft Zipper, Built-in TSA Lock, 70/30 Split Deep Compartment, Adjustable Shelves, T-Cruiser Ergonomic Handle, Cyclone Spherical Recessed Wheels plus Add-a-Bag Strap for Toting Extra Bag. 62 inches total linear dimension meets all airline checked baggage requirement. Comes with industry-leading 10-year Warranty!

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$249.99 $199.99



“Traveling with kids can be tricky, especially if you are planning an international or multi-week trip. Sometimes it’s easier to pack everyone’s gear into one piece of luggage so you can keep your other hands free to juggle kid gear like car seats and strollers. The Maxporter II by Traveler’s Choice is a 31 inch trunk on wheels and it offers adjustable compartments so that each person’s belonging can remain separate and tidy. The rounded T-handle makes it easy to maneuver through crowded city streets and airports.”
15 Gadgets That Will Change How You Travel with Your Kids by RED TRICYCLE

Maxporter II Anti-Theft Trunk Spinner @ashleybabyac
Maxporter II Anti-Theft Polycarbonate Trunk Spinner

100% polycarbonate hardshell with embossed texture that helps prevent abrasive scratches

Maxporter II Exterior Rotating Shots Front Side Angled and Back
  • Double-Coil Burst Resistant Anti-Theft Zipper
Anti-Theft Double Coil Burst Resistant Zipper
  • Flush mounted TSA combination lock
Maxporter II Flush Mounted Combination TSA Lock
  • Patent-pending T-Cruiser ergonomic handle system allows you to maneuver your bag with ease
Maxporter T-Cruiser Ergonomic Handle System
  • The downward curve of the T-Cruiser handle system fits the natural position of your hand, thereby minimizing discomfort of fatigue
T-Cruiser Ergonomic Handle System Reduces Stress on Your Hands
  • Reddot design award winner and patented Dual Cyclone™ Spherical spinner wheel system provides wide wheel bases for better traction and stability
  • Wheels are recessed to maximize case size and packing capacity
Maxporter Cyclone Spherical Wheels
  • The design and engineering of the four multi-directional dual Cyclone™ wheels are inspired by airline engine fans for air flow and lunar rover wheels for cushion and traction
Cyclone Spherical Wheel Exploded View
  • Custom adjustable shelves allows professional and precision packing
  • Provides maximum protection to the contents during transport
Fully lined interior with adjustable shelves, cross strap, zip pockets, removable water resistant pouch and center divider
  • Features a 70/30 compartment split opening for maximum packing
Maxporter II Side Shot with 70 & 30 Split Deep Compartment Trunk Design
  • Imprinted fully-lined interior with zippered center divider
Fully lined interior with cross strap, zip pocket and center divider
  • Internal zippered pockets and zippered divider provide easy organization
  • Detachable clear zippered utility pouch for amenity and utility storage
Removable water resistant amenity and utility pouch
  • Protective corner guards ensure maximum protection against rigors of travel
Maxporter corner guards
  • Add-a-bag strap allows you to easily tote an additional luggage or bag
Add-a-Bag Strap for Toting Addition Luggage or Carry-on Tote Bag and Backpack
  • Reinforced top, front, side and bottom grab handles for easy lifting
Two Convenient Front Grab Handles
  • Industry Leading 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty (Please see Warranty for more detail)
10-Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Exterior Dimension

Interior Dimension


Trunk Spinner 31" Inch Large Checked Icon

31”H x 17”W x 14”D
(Including Recessed Wheels)

29”H x 16”W x 13.5”D

12.52 lbs

Maxporter II Exterior Features on T-Cruiser Ergonomic Handle, Anti-Theft Zipper and 100% Polycarbonate Hardshell
Maxporter II Exterior Features II - TSA Combination Lock - Cyclone Spherical Wheels - Front Grab Handle
Double Coil Burst Resistant Anti-Theft Zipper

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Black, Dark Green, Gray, Navy



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  1. Kathy J / Glendale, CA

    I just LOVE your luggage!!! I got your Ultimax trunk (as well as some other luggage sets) and it is AWESOME! I
    Now I see you have a new trunk style, I want that too! I’m a makeup artist in Los Angeles (instagram @kathyjeung) and have used Rimowa sport trunks for years and couldn’t find other hard side, lightweight “trunk” style luggage to compare. until I luckily found your company! ,I’ve been telling hair stylists, other makeup artists and celebs in my industry about how wonderful your luggage is, especially your rare to find trunks, with great prices, style, lots of pockets & Califirnia made too! – just heaven! I hope you someday make slightly smaller trunks maybe 26, 27,28 “ sizes (I’m 5 feet tall and normally use the 28” rimowa- for my size and in my field that’s considered large – but I work with a lot of equipment- when I work I sometimes have 2 trunks, when I travel I have 3!)
    Again THANK YOU for providing smart, stylish, unique but affordable luggage!!!
    Best Regards,

  2. xengzulueta (verified owner)

    You have no idea how long I’ve been searching for luggage that is exactly this. Max Porter really nailed this one! As a makeup artist & vintage luggage collector I’m old school with a twist. I love the old steamer trunks and the compartments that come with it but we need them to be updated to modern times: lightweight with wheels. My luggage needs to be able to accommodate the usual clothes and shoes, etc. AAAAAAND sometimes be my professional makeup kit. Was debating between this and the Rimowa counterpart but I wasn’t sold on that one. Gifted myself with this for Christmas and I’m sooooooo excited to get it. My only comment for the Max Porter team: please make more! In bigger sizes so we can have a full set! That way we makeup artists and hair stylists can have one just for our professional gear and another one for our clothes. Talk about traveling in style. Love love love this!

    @XengZulueta on IG/FB/Twitter

  3. Ashlee (verified owner)

    The most amazing luggage I have ever owned. I recently bought the maxporter and I love the space, organization, and durability. I even have traveled with it on the airplane and it looked brand new when i was done. I was shocked because I thought it was going to get scratched and destroyed but nothing has changed about the luggage even after airplane travel. I will from now on continue to buy luggage like this because of the longevity and slick design. I have never received so many compliments about my luggage. Thank you for being the best!

  4. Hassanat Y / Baltimore, MD

    Thanks, i like it. I will buy again and again

  5. Google Customer Review

    This is the perfect size I needed for traveling outside of country to bring back gifts for my peeps. Love it!!!

  6. Annie

    Love it but yes please make smaller sizes like 26, 27 or 28! With the airline weight limit nowadays a bit suitcase is just too big. I will definitely buy the smaller ones!

  7. John J. D. / Lakewood Ranch, FL


  8. TrekieLV · Review provided by Nordstromrack

    Be careful you can overpack so weigh it at home, held up beautifully on two long trips, TSA did get in it twice, the locks were ok, they left it unlocked once, rolls like a charm easily, even on carpet, gets lots of looks when you check in so upscale, I’m female 68 and I thought it would be too big but handles better than my smaller ones. Recommend.

  9. ialysmile · Review provided by Nordstromrack

    i was impressed with how beautiful this luggage piece; the size was perfect for my travel use. It was a big suitcase but very light. Love the wheels too.

  10. Ck711 – Review provided by nordstromrack

    Have taken across country and back three times and shorter 2hr flights several times. Have the black and smaller 24 in blue. Both have held up beautifully. Fully packed usually between 37 and 42 lb. With heavy jeans, coffee pot, etc., all arriving safely. Has not shown scuffing or trouble with body, be sure you mark down your lock # in your wallet and set it carefully when you do your first set up. Changing codes is a pain. Very happy I purchased. the handles make it so much better to grab off the carousel, I am a 68 yr. old woman traveling with other women and this was a good choice, also glides like a charm better than my other sets

  11. Donna Mac · Review provided by nordstromrack

    Easy to organize. Great for travel. Taxi drivers loved the dual handle side for easy lifting.

  12. James

    I purchased a Travelers Choice trunk at Costco in the UK and it’s the best luggage I’ve ever owned, but now it needs replaced….and I can’t buy one because you don’t deliver internationally! I’m not saying my life is now ruined but my travelling experience isn’t going to be what it was.

  13. Diane Davis (verified owner)

    This is extremely well designed with high quality materials. The handles, zipper and corner guards are heavy duty. I specifically chose this line because it is a hard shell with the 70/30 opening. My previous case was the 50/50 clamshell design and it was cumbersome and unwieldy. My only negative comment relates to the color. I got the green because I thought the color was more distinctive and would be easier to spot on the luggage line. However, the green color as shown online is only apparent in bright sunlight. Indoors it is a medium gray with a slight greenish tint. I will still have to use a bright color luggage belt in order to spot it. But overall, it is an excellent case and a very good value.

    • wayne.altman

      We are so happy to hear you like your Maxporter II!!! (We have taken your suggestions on color into consideration as well). Please stay in touch with us as you put that case to good use, and keep us updated. All the Best, the Traveller’s Choice Team.

  14. Katrina Autieri / Erlanger, KY

    Love love this suitcase. I need 5 more.

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