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      Product Description

      Please note this item is designed specifically to fit

      • TC5000 Tasmania
        • 21 Inch
        • 25 Inch
        • 29 Inch
      • TC8000 Sedona
        • 21 Inch
        • 25 Inch
        • 29 Inch

      Traveler's Choice TSA Lock Instructions

      To set your personal combination please follow the steps below:

      1. Open the lock (Original combination will be 0-0-0)
      2. Press in the reset button with a pen (this is located on the bottom right of the lock, you will see a small dot size protrusion) all the way until you hear a "click sound".
      3. Set your personal combination by turning the dials.
      4. Slide the button rightward to the open position to allow the reset button to return back.
      5. Your personal combination has been set successfully!

      If you need to change the combination please repeat steps 1-4.