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      Product Description

      Traveler's Choice's Silverwood II Collection is created with 100% polycarbonate toughest and most protected hard shell that also offers expandability.

      • Unique brush metal finish to prevent abrasive scratches and fingerprints
      • Patented T-Cruiser handle system allows you to maneuver your bag with ease.
      • The double tubes of the handle system maximize the interior space for packing.
      • The downward curve of the handle fits the natural position of your hand to minimize discomfort or fatigue.
      • Dual cyclone spherical spinner wheel system provides wide wheel bases for better traction and stability.
      • Each wheel features a 5mm shock-resistant material that assures smooth maneuverability and quiet rolling experience.
      • Built in TSA compliant flush mounted combination lock.
      • Expansion gusset boasts an extra 2 inches of space.
      • Main compartment features a large claim-shell opening with heavy duty anti-theft zipper for easy packing.
      • Hard plated corner guards for extra protection that enhance overall durability.
      • Soft top side and bottom handle grip allows for comfort and easy lifting.
      • Built-In powerbank pouch and iTRAVEL smart USB port that allows user to store and charge their personal devices.

      Product Specifications

      • Material: 100% polycarbonate hard shell
      • Exterior Size: 29.5 inches (Height) * 19.5 inches (Width) * 12.5 inches (Depth) + 2 inches (Depth) gusset
      • Interior Size: 28 inches (Height) * 19.25 inches (Width) * 12.25 inches (Depth) + 2 inches (Depth) gusset
      • Weight: 12.5lbs