Handle With Care!

Handle With Care!

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T-Cruiser Ergonomic Handle System—Handle with Care:

Do you ever take the time to consider the handles on your luggage? Though handles make our lives easier- we pay little to no attention to them when we’re getting ready to make that purchase.

With all the luggage choices and handles on the market nowadays, what’s the best option to go with? Well, the answer is simple—go with the product that’s designed to fit the people who use it! Go ergonomic.

The goal of an ergonomic component is to work with your body to get the most benefit out of the way your body works and prevent injury. This type of handle grip is designed to give your hands comfortable positioning to grasp the handle, which will help in preventing muscle injuries.

In this article, we will define the term ergonomic and why it’s so important, we’ll look at the benefits of using an ergonomic handle, and we’ll discuss the design as well as the features that make the Traveler’s Choice t-cruiser ergonomic handle system, the best choice in today’s market.

What does “ergonomic” mean and why is it so important?

The term “ergonomic” relates to the design of a component. If something is ergonomic, it means that it is designed for efficiency and comfort in its working environment. In this case, the Traveler’s Choice t-cruiser ergonomic handle system is made to maximize the comfort of the user while minimizing any physical exertion.

How does this happen? The downward curve of the handle fits the natural position of your hand, thereby minimizing any discomfort or fatigue you may experience. Although we give no thought to handles when picking out new luggage—having a good ergonomic handle is an important part of making travel enjoyable from airport to destination.

Poor ergonomics can cause musculoskeletal disorders. Such effects include: Numbness, tingling, sharp pain and even tendonitis, which is the inflammation or irritation of the tendons.

Benefits of Using the t-cruiser Ergonomic Handle:

No more pushing and pulling like back in the old days. Handles make it possible for your luggage to glide across crowded airports without much effort. Whether you’re leisurely pulling your luggage behind you as you look for your gate or you’re pushing your way through a crowd to try and catch that connecting flight- a good handle is an absolute MUST.

Since you’re using a handle anyway, why not get the most benefits out of it? For the Traveler’s Choice, t-cruiser ergonomic handle system, most benefits come as a result of its unique design and features. The t-cruiser ergonomic handle system diminishes or altogether eliminates all travel-related pain - in the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck, elbow, and back. It makes travel comfortable and effortless. The ergonomic t-shape of this unique handle system also allows for easy grip and maneuverability around tight spaces as well as allows for an easy gliding experience and physical handling atop check-in counters and overhead bins.

What makes the t-cruiser ergonomic handle system, the best in the market?

This top ergonomic handle is manufactured of extruded aluminum for greater strength and durability. With its aluminum make, the handle features a sturdy yet light build and is conveniently retractable and comfortably adjusts to different lengths. Imagined, designed, and created by the most innovative Travel-ware company of the day, the Traveler’s Choice, t-cruiser ergonomic handle system is patented and only offered exclusively in Traveler’s Choice luggage. This handle offers the most innovative features of its time in keeping your physical well-being in mind while showcasing an imaginative on-the-go design that keeps up with travelers wherever they may choose to go.

Innie vs. outie”, problems no more!

Luggage handle systems usually add to the weight of your luggage as well as reduce the amount of precious space that you’d rather use for your packing—because of this, there are pros and cons to having inside and outside handles.

While having an outside handle system doesn’t affect the amount of packing space that you have, outside handles are more vulnerable to sustaining damage to the handle mechanism. Opting for luggage with handles built inside are less vulnerable, but they also reduce your packing space.

The Traveler’s Choice t-cruiser ergonomic handle system solves the “innie vs outie” problem by providing a flat surface on the inside that contours the handles so that they don’t interfere with the space that’s available to you. Sleek and smart, Traveler’s Choice t-cruiser ergonomic handle system perfectly integrates within the body of the luggage.

The double tubes of the handle system maximize the interior space for packing and still allow for a 2nd bag to be carried on top. The push-button mechanism and multi-stage locking feature allow you to adjust the height of the handle so that you can be comfortable just reaching for your handle. So when picking out your next luggage piece, remember to please handle with care and go with a handle that cares—go with the Traveler’s Choice, t-cruiser handle system! Check them out here

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