Cleaning My Luggage FAQ


Cleaning Hard Side Luggage 

When you’re on-the-go, spills and scuffs can easily happen. A little maintenance between trips is what will preserve your luggage in the long run. To clean the luggage exterior and the interior lining, we recommend using disinfecting wipes or a soft damp cloth with warm water and mild soap. Avoid using anything abrasive that may further scuff up the hard shell. Dirt and marks should rub right off. 


Cleaning Soft Side Luggage 

While soft sided luggage can absorb all the mishandling when we travel, fabrics used like polyester, nylon, and canvas, are more prone to resist scuffs and scratches. To clean soft side luggage, we recommend using the same approach as hard side luggage. Use a soft and damp towel or a disinfecting wipe, wipe down the exterior and dry in a open air space. 


Cleaning the Interior

To clean the interior, vacuum up any loose particles and use a damp cloth to blot away at any stain.