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      Product Description

      Traveler’s Choice 5,000/10,000 mAh Portable & Removable Powerbank Charger is designed for your smart charge luggage and can quick charge your mobile devices on the go. It has been tested for Plug’ n Charge’ 10,000 times and is compliant with FAA, Department of Transportation and Airline’s Carry-on Regulations on smart charge luggage. This powerbank charger fits into the Traveler's Choice Millennial smart charge removable powerbank holder and all Traveler's Choice carry-ons with iTRAVEL USB charge port.

      Package includes

      • 1 Traveler's Choice Portable Powerbank
      • 1 Black Carry Pouch
      • 1 Charging Cable

      Product Specifications

      • FAA, Airlines and DOT Compliant
      • 5,000 / 10,000 mAh
      • Dual Outbound USB Charge ports (USB 1 and USB 2)
      • Micro USB Inbound Charge Port