Warranty Length Duration

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Luggage Specifications
Luggage Collections Warranty
Archer 3 years
Bell Weather 2 years
Candlewood 2 years
Charvi 2 years
Collapsible 2 years
Continent Adventurer 3 years
Continent Adventurer Trunk 5 years
Creekside Trunk 5 years
Dana Point 2 years
Edinburgh 3 years
Ember 2 years
Granville II 5 years
Jericho 2 years
Lares 2 years
Maxporter II 5 years
Millenial 3 years
Monterey 2 years
Pagosa 2 years
Riverside 3 years
Ruma II 2 years
Silverwood I Hardside 3 years
Silverwood II Hardside 3 years
Silverwood Softside 2 years
Ultimax II 5 years
Vale 2 years
Vulkan 3 years

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